This dream location on the Swedish south coast is surrounded by beautiful landscape and panoramic ocean views. The house was naturally shaped by the levels on site, the protective ridge backdrop and undisrupted ocean views.

The house is adapting to the landscape and uses the qualities on site, which naturally formed a split-level building. The remaining site is left untouched for the house to gradually merge into the environment. All areas of the house has direct access to the garden, and the split levels creates a large roof terrace covering all of the roof area of the bottom level. The separation in-between the two levels allows for the interior room layout the client wished for. On the lower level the two bedrooms share a generous bathroom. Laundry and services have a separate entry from the carport and the main foyer is placed in the middle of the building, accessing the upper level with a central stair.

Full height windows on the upper level are running all along the front elevation, opening up the view to the south and the ocean. A terrace along the front extends the room out on the deck. The kitchen has a prime location where most activities take place. The kitchen island extends into a dining table with generous areas to gather around for food prep, work and family time. The living room connects with the kitchen around a central fireplace. The master bedroom is facing the western deck and terraced landscape.

Green Living

Robust and sustainable materials have been selected for minimal maintenance and long lasting qualities. Over time, the climate will transform the appearance of the house with its own natural and beautiful patina finish.

The selected sustainable block work has excellent insulating properties, and as a structural element it shortens the building time significantly. Only heat sources are the log fire and floor heating, which efficiently heats up all rooms and keeps the temperature on a comfortable level. Solar panels on the roof provides for all energy needed to run the house, and all drains are connected to a private septic tank for storm- and wastewater.

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