A great example of the-small-space-living; the clients are down-sizing from a two storey villa to a new 60 sqm home.

Using the Granny Flat concept, the soon to be retired couple is building a small home in their back yard. Two bedrooms, bathroom, laundry and kitchen with combined living area. The clients’ requests and wishes are carefully incorporated into the 60 sqm fully self-contained home. The main living space with wall-to-wall glazing, opens up fully to the deck and the beautiful garden. The natural light and the extended views expands the living space visually, but also the use of the space creating an indoor-outdoor living area.

The plan layout is clear and simple. Functions are grouped together to create a natural flow in circulation. Storage space is integrated to create clean lines and simplicity. All important factors to make a small space living satisfying and comfortable.

Green Living

The desire to live off the grid is a fascinating topic for many people on the Northern Beaches. The passion for self-sufficient and sustainable living can start in your back yard, even in the busy suburbs close to a major city.

This small home has been built with the vision of future off-the-grid-living. The water tanks that collects rainwater is connected to a filtering system re-using the storm water, and the energy from the solar panels on the roof can be stored for future needs. The windows have been carefully selected with a louvred system for natural ventilation, and the timber structure is contributing to the indoor comfort.

The house has high level windows to the street, keeping the privacy, while opening up the living space towards the lush garden. The land has dual access from two parallel streets and the garden separates the two dwellings. The couple will experience the green living in close connection to their garden, and also benefit from the sustainable choices in terms of down-sizing and re-use of natural resources.

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