LifeIn25 is a series of 25sqm self-contained houses, all with sustainable solutions and minimal environmental impact through selection of materials and building techniques.

LIFEIN25 started with the belief that environmentally aware buildings can be functional, inspiring and beautiful places to live, work and play. The growing desire to find innovative solutions for space limitations is answered in a number of variations of 25 sqm self-contained units. The key to small space living is flexibility, but also convertibility with clever solutions to utilise the space and use it for multiple activities.


Green Living

Prefabrication is key for a sustainable way of building. Materials and resources and be used for multiple units which creates less waste and saves time. Quality and efficiency can be maintained throughout the building process.

The prefabricated and can easily be transported and assembled anywhere, in as little as a day. The units can be joined together in limitless designs to create a functional home that suits your needs.

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