The Studio

Nordic Studio is an architecture and interior design practice with a broad portfolio of projects in Sweden, Australia and New Zealand.

We believe beautiful buildings are a product of understanding context and locational qualities. Further enhanced by our continuous process of sound communications, detailed drawings and selective materials, finishes and furnishings. Each project is managed by ensuring a collaborative approach with builders, engineers and suppliers.

The result is a stunning and unique home.

Our Expertise

We specialise in creating well-resolved, unique designs for each of our clients. From early concept design we see the importance in reading the exterior together with the interior and the sequence of which the space will be used. This approach is followed through the design and building process to create a seamless connection from outside to inside.

High-end private residential

With strong focus on high-end private residential projects, we create unique designs with custom solutions to meet our client’s aspirations. Materials and textures are presented early on and the selections are coordinated as part of the overall scheme. With an inventive approach, we resolve details and incorporate items into a seamless design. Each project is well executed as a result of collaboration with talented and highly skilled builders and joiners.

Sustainable living

Passion lies in sustainable solutions with minimal environmental impact through selection of materials and building techniques. Together with inspirational and enthusiastic clients, we work on achieving the best sustainable solution possible. Amongst our projects, this is especially developed and shown in LifeIn25, a series of 25sqm self-contained houses. By providing homes that reduce the use of natural resources, we want to encourage people and challenge the way of living. LifeIn25 can be your step to a more sustainable life style.

Life in 25

LIFEIN25 started with the belief that environmentally aware buildings can be functional, inspiring and beautiful places to live, work and play. The growing desire to find innovative solutions for space limitations is answered in a number of variations of 25 sqm self-contained units. The key to small space living is flexibility, but also convertibility with clever solutions to utilise the space and use it for multiple activities.

The units are prefabricated and can easily be transported and assembled anywhere, in as little as a day. The units can be joined together in limitless designs to create a functional home that suits your needs.

Read more at and contact us if you want to know more!

Husdrömmar SVT1

The South Coast Home in Löderup has been broadcast in the Swedish television series Husdrömmar (SVT1). The programme is following the completion of the house, throughout the construction to finished home. The Swedish architect Gert Wingårdh and Karin are having a conversation about the design process, different building techniques and architecture in general.

See the full episode.


Karin Santhesson

Lead Architect

Karin studied architecture in Sweden and Denmark and graduated with a Master of Architecture in 2007. She has been working in Sweden, UK and Australia at inspiring practises like Sydväst Arkitektur och Landskap, Studio R and Burley Katon Halliday.

Karin is the lead architect for Nordic Studio and collaborating with highly regarded interior designers and builders.

Architect SAR/MSA



Bobby Singh

Interior Designer

In memory of Bobby Singh. It was an honour to be working with Bobby, who was always humble, fair and had a fine eye for design and composition of materials.  He was a sought after interior designer with over a decade of experience in the high-end market, including collaborations with Karin on a series of private residential projects in Woolwich, Bellevue Hill, Drummoyne and Manly.

Martin Boulos

Project Manager & Builder

Coming from a builder’s background Martin has a great eye for detailing as well as managing the projects on all levels. Martin is very talented and driven, continuously exploring new materials and building techniques with his expertise ranging from sustainable tiny houses to private residences in beautiful settings on the Swedish west coast.

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